Elizabeth Munro

Freelance creative pattern cutter & grader

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Liz has worked in the fashion and textiles industry for over 10 years, working on many diverse products, from made to measure bridal wear to performance sportswear.

Liz spent 9 years working as a creative pattern cutter and grader for a major supplier to the high street, working on a wide range of jersey and woven products. In this time she developed an extensive knowledge of fitting issues and how to solve them. 

She also spent time developing blocks and grading specifications for several large retailers, bringing consistency to their products and streamlining the pattern cutting and grading process.

Why choose us?

The clothing and textiles industry can be a complicated place! If you are using factories to do all the technical work for you, you can often have very little control over what they produce, particularly from offshore manufacturers where details may be lost in translation. With the tight deadlines imposed by budgetary restrictions, you can find yourself having to make do with a less than perfect product.

By having your patterns or specifications produced in the UK you can have direct contact with the producer and increase control and influence over the finished product. If you then go on to manufacture in the UK, even better, we can visit onsite to work directly with the factory and make any amendments or adaptations they require to make a better product.

Developing products with consistent fit and sizing helps make your customer happy, and a happy customer will be a returning customer.


Liz offers a range of pattern cutting, grading, and sizing services which are backed by over 10 years of professional experience

Creative pattern cutting & product development

We can work from design sketches or existing garments to develop initial patterns for sample production. We can also assist in the fitting process and in developing the perfect product. Using the Gerber Accumark CAD system, these patterns can be printed onto paper or card, or sent directly, in digital format, to your chosen manufacturer.

Onsite consultation is available throughout the UK subject to additional travel expenses. Remote consultation is available over Skype or similar.

Grading & size specifications

We are able to grade patterns to your own specifications or using existing grading increments we have developed in house. As stated above, patterns are available in either paper or digital format.

All patterns can be supplied with a fully graded size chart, how to measure document and style record/specification sheet, documenting how many of each pattern piece to cut, in which fabric and any bindings or trims. These documents ensure consistent production standards are maintained even if you change manufacturer.

Garment fitting & grading consultancy

We can assist with fitting in-house (subject to travel expenses) or remotely, either over Skype or similar or using detailed photographs.

Grading specifications can be developed for your product based on previous production and discussion about what you wish to achieve. We will research other relevant companies grading specifications to compare and develop a solution that works for you.

Fully graded specifications will be developed either on a product by product basis or a general specification can be created to give guidance to all suppliers to create a consistent product.

We can also offer graded block development for basic products such as tee shirts or leggings if you wish to give your suppliers a starting point for pattern development.



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