April 12, 2018

Whats in a name?

Quite a bit apparently! According to google AdWords the term pattern cutter is searched a lot less than the term pattern maker, so I’m setting out to make sure people know what I do under the various different titles attributed to my profession.

I used to be termed as a pattern technologist in one role, but I have also been a pattern designer, a garment technologist, a product integrity engineer, pattern cutter, grader, and now, in the spirit of fairness, a pattern maker.

It all boils down to one job, I create clothing patterns, I know how to sew them together and the various pitfalls of certain fabrics, and I make all the other sizes you might require using numerical coordinates called grade rules. I’m an engineer for clothes if you like.

I have decided to create this post, and more to follow hopefully, after a new customer told me that she didn’t know what to search for to find someone to help with clothing patterns and sizing. A year, and a lot of money later she finally found me after another customer referred her. I provide exactly the services she requires, so why couldn’t she find me?

Industry jargon, buzzwords and technical terminology all make it difficult for people not currently in the fashion or textiles industry to find the information and services they need. To me, the term pattern cutter is self explanatory of what I do, but the blank stares I’m met with when people ask what my job is should probably have given me a clue.

I will be adding posts with more in depth details soon, hopefully I’ll be easier to find.

LizĀ  (Pattern cutter, pattern maker, pattern designer, pattern grader, creator of clothing sizes, pattern technologist, clothing pattern maker, dress pattern maker, sportswear pattern maker, CAD pattern cutter/maker, digital pattern cutter/maker…let me know if you can think of any more!)

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